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The coldhearted indifference of the authorities to the suffering of the population during the current coronavirus pandemic did not come out of the blue.

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The tens of thousands who die each year in the US, for example, from drug overdoses, industrial accidents, suicides and homicides arouse next to no interest from a political and financial elite focused exclusively on the accumulation and defense of personal wealth. It is a dramatization of real events, the unsolved murders of young female sex workers on the South Shore barrier islands of Long Island, New York.

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We first meet Mari Gilbert Amy Ryan at one of her two jobs, unsuccessfully requesting more hours. She appears to be struggling, financially and emotionally, along with the two daughters, Sherre Thomasin McKenzie and Sarra Oona Laurencewho live with her in drab surroundings in Ellenville, New York, 90 miles northwest of New York City.

She never arrives.

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No one says it out loud, but it becomes clear that year-old Shannan was working as an escort, a prostitute. The man who drove her to Oak Beach, a gated, oceanfront community on Long Island, describes her running down the road away from him, shrieking hysterically, on the night in question.

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That was the last he saw of her. Shannan had made a call to The Suffolk County police took an hour to respond. One of the local cops Dean Winters makes no secret about his lack of concern.


Shannan is not one of them. Eventually, six more sets of remains are found in March and April Like Shannan, all four women were petite and in their twenties, they all came from out of town to work as escorts, and they all advertised on Craigslist and its competitor, Back.

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Unable to cope, it seems she had to give Shannan up to foster care. People complain that Mari is always angry. The press only sensationalizes and trivializes.

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A group of the mothers and relatives of the victims get together. Mari, who still holds out hope that Shannan might be alive, is the most outspoken, obstreperous, unforgiving.

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They even pay a visit to Oak Beach en masse, trespassing and disturbing the community. The police arrive quickly.

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Mari points out bitterly it took them an hour to respond to her desperate, endangered daughter. There is no happy ending.

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They failed every one of us. They ignored me.

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Unrelenting in their brutality, the authorities dismissed her maddened state, in which she heard voices telling her to kill Mari and tried her for second degree murder. She was sentenced to 25 years in prison in No happy ending anywhere.

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Shannan Gilbert, who aspired to be an actress and one of whose early singing performances on video provides the only real chance we have to see her, had to travel from one economic zone, one social world, to another to make a risky, degrading living. Amy Ryan is convincing as the difficult, determined, outraged woman at the center of the film.

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Thomasin McKenzie as her daughter also makes a deep impression. Menu Search. Latest Profile.

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Contact About. Directed by Liz Garbus; written by Michael Werwie The coldhearted indifference of the authorities to the suffering of the population during the current coronavirus pandemic did not come out of the blue.

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